Cattle Vaccines​

Like yourself, we are passionate about disease prevention in livestock.  In our Minnesota location, we develop and manufacture innovative SRP® vaccines,  as well as whole-cell bacterins, for the dairy & beef industries.

All SRP vaccines are manufactured using a bacterial protein separation and purification process, and unlike conventional bacterins, they contain no whole bacterial cells and only a trace of outer cell wall LPS.

SRP E. coli Mastitis, SRP Salmonella Dublin for calves, and SRP Moraxella bovis / bovoculi Pink Eye are our most popular custom vaccines, but certainly not all.  Connect with us to learn more of our other options.

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Our Cattle Vaccines

Autogenous SRP®


Vaxxon SRP® Klebsiella

Klebsiella Pneumoniae Bacterial Extract

Vaxxon SRP Salmonella®

Salmonella Newport Bacterial Extract

E. coli O157 SRP®

Escherichia Coli Bacterial