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Targeted disease

Confidence in animal health. Count on Vaxxinova solutions.

Combining years of research, knowledge and experience, exhibiting excellence in the production of innovative vaccine solutions for animals around the world.

At Vaxxinova US, we are committed to developing and providing veterinary biologics and customized services to enhance food animal health.

At Vaxxinova, we develop, manufacture, and sell veterinary vaccines based upon our commitment to autogenous vaccines and our proprietary technologies. Vaxxinova provides patented Siderophore Receptors and Porins (SRP) technology and proprietary Newport Laboratories whole-cell autogenous biologics.

Proprietary whole-cell vaccine manufacturing is employed utilizing exclusive adjuvants unique to only Vaxxinova.  Autogenous, often referred to as Custom Made Vaccines (CMVs), are manufactured with the attending veterinarian to address bacterial and viral pathogens.

SRP technology induces host immunity against cell wall components called Siderophore Receptors and Porins which transport iron.  Iron to bacteria is like oxygen to humans. By creating antibodies to SRPs, the vaccine works by starving bacteria of an essential nutrient, causing it to die. Identical SRPs are highly conserved among a host of common bacteria.


Bird health and performance are key to production success and profitability.  Vaxxinova offers a range of licensed and autogenous bacterial vaccines using our SRP® Technology. 


Like yourself, we are passionate about disease prevention in livestock.  In our Minnesota locations, we develop and manufacture Newport Laboratories brand autogenous vaccines and our patented and proprietary brands such as Bio One and SRP®.


From our field veterinarians to our free swine diagnostic manual, we are passionate about the swine industry. Whether a viral vaccine, a bacterin, or SRP®, you can expect the highest level of diagnostic input ensuring the highest quality vaccines on the market.


Worthington office

1520 Prairie Drive
Worthington, MN 56187
(800) 220-2522

Willmar office

1801 Biotech Ave NE
Willmar, MN 56201
(844) 777-8299 (SRP-VAXX)

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