E. coli peritonitis can be devastating

E. coli SRP®

E. coli peritonitis is a major cause of mortality and production loss in broiler breeders and egg laying chickens. E. coli strain variation from house to house renders conventional killed bacterins impractical for fighting peritonitis.

SRP® technology meets this challenge by targeting a unique class of surface proteins which are commonly found in many strains of E. coli.

Vaxxinova creates Autogenous E. coli SRP Bacterial Extract by screening multiple strains of pathogenic E. coli from your operation, looking for the most prolific producers of SRP proteins. Once the best strain (or two strains) is found, an autogenous SRP extract vaccine is manufactured according to USDA regulations.

Autogenous vaccines carry no USDA approved label claims for efficacy. Therefore, Vaxxinova recommends that autogenous SRP bacterial extract vaccines are used according to the recommendation of your poultry veterinarian.

Autogenous SRP vaccines can be made in a variety of adjuvants, dose volumes, pathogen combinations, and routes of administration.

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Vaxxon SRP Pasteurella

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Cholera Bacterin

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